Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hellooo Dolly

There are only a few spaces left for this class in Taos, coming up on March 3-4th. If you plan to come, please let me know soon, we may have to move this over to the Taos art space if we have more then 8 people- a wonderful problem to have!
A little history about this workshop, when I first started teaching this workshop 3 or 4 years ago, it was originally named "Resurrecting Charlotte". I changed the name to Hellooo Dolly this year when I heard that some of you thought that we were working with frozen Charlotte dolls & that the dolls were much smaller. I absolutely love working on these dolls, there truly is something so cathartic about destroying pretty dolls, mucking them up & reinventing them to make them my own! I'm working on a new batch now & it's really difficult to get anything else done!
One more thing- just in case you were were wondering about this...I've recently received several emails from you, asking if I am now hiring someone else to teach this class... the answer is NO!- I can assure you that I love to teach & would never ever hire anyone to teach my classes! There is so much work involved in developing a workshop- from creating the initial concept, making samples, photographing, writing descriptions, writing up a reasonable supply list, to finally sending in the proposals. The true prize, or dessert, as I like to call it, is finally getting into the classroom to teach the class. Having the honor of watching amazing, creative, talented women put their own spin on my little class & taking it to places that I couldn't even dream of is such an awesome gift, I wouldn't give that up for anything!
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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