Friday, April 23, 2010

New Art Book Workshop

I've been so obsessed with making jewelry lately, but I had to come up for air long enough to pack for my upcoming classes in Fort Collins & Virginia.
I'm teaching a brand new class called "The construction of an art book, metal, canvas & mesh no sew binding". I just started packing up kits last night & I can't wait to teach this class, it's going to be so much fun!
The concept was born out of frustration, I'm either making "soft" art, using paint, gooey stuff, gesso, paper, oil sticks.... or "hard" art- working with metal, drills, nails, larger assemblage pieces. What usually happens is right in the middle of a project I start missing the other medium & I'm always going back & fourth between the soft & hard projects.... (I know, it sounds bizarre)! Anyway, this book was born out of that frustration, so now I get to work with both at the same time.
This class filled up almost immediately at Art & Soul in Portland, but there are still a few spaces let at The Artists Nook & at Art & Soul in VA. And I have to say, these are 2 of my favorite places to teach- Colorado in the spring- there is nothing like it & Virginia is usually my only chance to be near the ocean all year. Hope to see you there, gotta get back to packing now!


Seth said...

Amazing samples for the class, which will no doubt be an absolute winner! Lucky students.

rivergardenstudio said...

Your class looks fantastic. If you ever have one out west I would love to take it, especially during the summer... roxanne

Shan said...
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Svetlana said...

Would be nice to have you teaching down under as well. I owuldn't miss your class. Your work is stunning.

Erin McMillen said...

Very cool Leighanna! This is a class I'll have to take! =)