Friday, February 19, 2010

Craft Books

For a fascinating discussion/ commentary about this subject, go here.
This has been a pet peeve of mine forever & this applies to the magazines as well. I won't be around to contribute to this discussion, but I was thrilled to read that someone else is as frustrated by this as I am.
By the way, I came across this via Jen's blog-
I just love, love love her work!


Renee Troy said...

I read the article via your post and was disturbed by it. Thanks for enlightening me.
Liked Jen's work...
We should talk soon.

jenw said...

Aw shucks. Thanks so much Leighanna! :D

Leslie said...

Interesting read Leighanna. Sadly, I have already stayed up too late.

JonesMoore Studios said...

Very good food for thought. I do think than artists and artisans are still "expected" to contribute time, art, services, writing for free--and I do believe that needs to change. On the other hand, "free" exposure is still exposure...This conversation needs a good bottle of Cabernet and some dark chocolate.