Friday, May 29, 2009

Shameless Plug

Some of my work has been included in 2 new books... the first is called "Collaborative Art Journals & Shared Visions In Mixed Media" by the ever so talented LK Ludwig.

For those of you who followed our Project Eight group, (Stephanie Lee, Albie Smith, Diane Havnen Smith, Laurie Mika, Catherine Witherall, Judy Wise, Katie Kendrik & myself) much of that work  is included. Unfortunately, our names weren't listed along with our work, so if you want to take a look, see pages 110, 128-133.  The photographs are wonderful & it's a great book with lots of wonderful images & projects.
The next is called "1000 Artist Journal Pages", it's not so new, but I just found it, it's been so long since I submitted, I forgot all about it. 


ODD imagination said...

I am so glad you plugged yourself! I am definitely going to check these books out. I have heard of the the 1000 Journals project - my sister was in journal number 800 and someting. :o)

I wish someone would just pick me up and transport me to New Mexico and get me out of this crazy Virginia! I love the Southwest. Sigh...

Seth said...

Congratulations on being published in both books. That is just fantastic!

rebecca said...

thanks for the inside scoop...will be looking for you. (i love random acts of shamelessness..)

Kerin said...

I'm so shocked at your shamelessness Leighanna! hehehe Congrats on both of these!! I'll have to take a look as you know what a huge fan I am of anything you do. ": )

Leslie said...

Don't feel bad about plugging your work. I think it's awesome! Congratulations to you!

By the way, I have both of those books.