Friday, May 22, 2009

How To Patina A Bra

Would love to find out if anyone ever googled "how to patina a bra"!

I wasn't sure that this would work, the bra really needed to be a certain color for this guitar piece that I'm working on, but paint just wasn't working.  So I decided to try patina & it worked beautifully.  
FYI- you patina a bra the exact same way that you would patina anything else!


Leslie said...

Awesome. And just because I couldn't leave that alone, I did google "how to patina a bra," and the first thing that comes up is your blog.

Ha ha!

Lesley said...

You must keep your neighbors entertained!!! Now let's all Google "do you have to wear a shirt over a patina'd bra or can it be worn alone". *S*

enchantedcurious said...

I'm not entirely sure why you need to patina a bra. Mine look like this naturally. Ofcourse they are 163 years old.

Paula Scott said...

Waaaaaay cool! Does this have matching panties to go with it???

Denise said...

Love it!