Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Phoenix classes

Julie- isn't she just the cutest thing?!  She came all the way from Santa Fe to take my class in Arizona, never knew that I live right here in Albuquerque!
Brand new class- resurrecting Charlotte, We caught our Charlottes sunbathing during lunch!
At Rebeccas' house in Prescott
Rebecca & Billy

Rebecca Brooks invited me to teach at her beautiful place up in Prescott, what a treat it was to be up in the mountains, to watch the coyotes in the morning & soak in the hot tub at night under the stARS (not stairs, Paula!)

And the best part was that I bid on her shrine during her online auction & won, so now I have this beautiful piece hanging in my living room- (gotta remember to take a picture of it).
We had a full class for the 2 day vintage metal deck class, the first time that I've been able to spread that class into 2 days, & it was wonderful, such amazing, talented people!
Then it was on to Phoenix, had a few free days in between to do some serious junking before teaching at the Frenzy Stamper.
I so love to teach there, Debbie, the owner, is so much fun to be around & her store is to die for!


Paula Scott said...

But the image of soaking in a hot tub under the stairs is enough to make anyone giggle!

kecia said...

what a lovely time that must have been. her place looks fantastic and she looks like a real sweetie pie. diggin the Chihuly exhibit pictures. the colors are amazing. what is the pond looking thing with all the glass balls? really cool.
how are the taxes going?