Friday, February 27, 2009

Never pay someone to show your art & belief in what you do

Found this video on one of my Yahoo groups this AM, & although this guy is a bit out there & I don't quite agree with his parasite theory, I think it's a great message that everyone should keep in mind... I have always believed this to be true.  

Here's the deal- most businesses have to take out a business loan, purchase merchandise with that money & eventually they may or may not sell it for a profit.
Most galleries have their merchandise given to them for free (on consignment) & then sell that for a profit- there is no risk-if it doesn't sell, just give it back to the artist & find someone else!
Most galleries will justify this by citing overhead, advertising & leasing expenses, but don't all business have those same expenses- I mean the ones who actually have to take a risk & pay for their inventory??
I have a hard enough time with that whole concept, I do it, because it is the only option for me as an artist.  But to pay someone on top of all of that to sell my work?  
My intention really isn't to mock people who make a living by charging artists' to show their work, I just want to bring attention to this & hopefully to get you to think about what you are doing before you pay someone to sell your work.
Phew, that felt good, that has been a huge pet peeve of mine for years now & watching that video got me all riled up!
END OF RANT....moving on...

The bottom line is this...
If you can't find someone to believe in your work, start by believing in it yourself!  
That has been my single most valuable lesson in persuing this path, that no one is going to believe me or in my work until I do. I can finally say (just for today, anyway) that all that matters is whether I like & believe in my work!
This doesn't mean that I don't feel afraid or insecure at times, but I know deep down, without a doubt that I am on the right path, & if people don't believe in me, or "get" my work, I'm really OK with that.
I know that my work can be a bit out there, & it certainly is not for everyone....but I don't care anymore, the point is to keep doing what I love, & if I fall out of love with it, move on to something new.
After all, it's really not the destination, but the journey!


rscoach said...

Love what you said about believing in yourself - and your art even if no one else gets it - hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)

kathy mc said...

Amen sister!

Paula Scott said...

Here! Here! The hardest part is believing in yourself and if you don't, who will?
Love the birds. Looking forward to the show in June!

Kerin said...

Oh yeah!!! I really liked everything you said and especially the part of feeling insecure.

Experiencing those types of feelings doesn't mean we're not on the right path. And if we are always in our comfort zone we aren't doing anything new or challenging (she sez as she is shaking in her boots). ; )

franswazz said...

Right on!