Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paper Beads

I think that maybe I was deprived of making paper beads as a child, I can't believe how much fun I'm having making these silly things!


lynne h said...

i love these! and they'd be so light to wear!!

kecia said...

yeah,these are pretty cool. i could see myself enjoying making something like this. think of all the found paper/trash we could work with!

Judy said...

gorgoeus - keep going with them.
Happy holidays!

kathy mc said...

Your beads look so yummy. I love paper beads. Yours are the best I've seen.

Catharina Maria said...

These are beautiful !!
I hope that I can make them to !
Rini the Netherlands

Ginny Gaskill said...

Jusr discovered your blog. A also am from Alb. Love the beads! I make fabric ones and I will try the UTTE on them.