Saturday, December 6, 2008


OH dear, I'm hooked!

People have been inviting me to come to Facebook forever & I have always resisted.  Mainly because I tried Myspace & hated it, so I thought it was the same thing.
But the other day in a moment of weakness, I did it.  And I've had a hard time doing anything else, it's so fun, I've been able to connect with people that I haven't seen in years, and with other people that I only see once in a blue moon. 

When I actually am able to make it into the studio, I've been working on Christmas gifts & a batch of new Eeps....oh & beads!  A few weeks ago, I went over to Nancy's (my neighbor) & she was making these paper beads, then dipping them in UTTE & embossing the edges w/ metallic powder.  And they are drop dead GORGEOUS!  Haven't embossed anything in years so it's been a great way to use up all of that embossing powder laying around.  It's been great fun, the perfect brain-dead activity to do on a cold day after a long year!


kecia said...

what, you live next door to someone who is also creative? now that's lucky! i wish i had some creative buds nearby.

kecia said...

oh, and yeah, FACEBOOK is a lot of fun. i love seeing what people are doing and then having them respond to what i am doing, etc. and you are right, the most obscure people that you haven't thought of in years will suddenly show up!