Sunday, November 9, 2008

November plugs

A dear friend, Richard Maitland is having a show HERE, at Dreamscapes Gallery through December 5th.

This show is a retrospective in honor of his 83rd birthday.
If you've never seen his work & you live here in Albuquerque, please come & see it, it's an amazing show.  Richards work reminds me of a cross between Maxfield Parish & Maggie Taylor, the colors are just amazing.
Unfortunately, he has nothing on the web so I have nothing visual to post, but trust me when I say he is one incredible artist!
WRONG!  Yay, he does have a webite, it is
Steve just sent me a link.  Above is a photo taken at the reception of Richard (dothcha just love the hot pink tie?!) & the ever-so-gorgeous Steve.

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