Thursday, November 6, 2008


These are our beautiful mountains, the Sandias.  I love the way the light reflects off of the mountains at this time of year. They glow with a pink, peach color that only lasts for about 20 minutes or so...(this photo was taken last summer & has absolutely nothing to do with what I am talking about)!

I've been thinking a lot about being home & what that really means to me.  

I think my head is finally catching up to the rest of me. 
I've been so scattered & unable to focus ever since I got back from Paris.  I have so much to catch up on but I've been stuck in a rut & unable to move forward.  I finally just got back into the studio the other day,  I have a huge show coming up in 8 days!
I've been away so much this year, & even when I am here I'm really not all here.  I'm either coming up w/ classes, writing proposals, packing or unpacking from a trip, I haven't really been HERE in quite some time.   
I feel so grateful to be able to communicate w/ friends who live all over the world,  I just finished Skyping with Kris, but even w/ Skype, it's not the same as actually being here with friends. 
Hell, I had to fly all the way to Paris to meet someone from Albuquerque who connected me to the music scene here! 
BTW, if you happen to live here, check out this site, Neal Copperman is responsible for bringing some amazing bands here....Amp concerts.

Anyway, this is my declaration, I AM NOW HERE!  Until March of 2009, I AM here, present &  in this moment on this little piece of the earth!  
And I plan to enjoy it to the fullest until it's time to go again, damnit!!

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Leslie said...

I think that photo has everything to do with what you're posting about. The Sandias are beautiful. I remember skiing at Sandia Peak on many occasions when I lived in Los Alamos.

I just read that Sandia means 'watermelon' in Spanish and is widely believed to refer the color of your mountains at sunset. But, you probably already knew that.