Thursday, October 30, 2008


Comment?  Jeeze, you want me to put words to all of this too?  

Seriously, I am at a loss for words.  I spent weeks making this amazing journal to bring with me & I still haven't been able to write anything.  When I was there, I thought it was just because I was so busy, but I'm still finding it difficult to write.  
Paris was everything.  It was amazing, beautiful,loud, overwhelming, breathtaking, exhausting, wonderful, stressful, raw, eye opening...I could go on & on.

I felt like an ant there.  Everything is so incredibly massive.

I loved the people.  I found them to be genuine & incredibly funny with a dry, witty sense of humor that most people probably miss if they aren't paying attention.  I came to the conclusion that we are the loud, obnoxious rude ones!   The language is so beautiful, I could just listen to that all day long & never get tired of it.

And the MEN!  Oh my, we are so deprived here!  I don't think I've even looked at a man here in years & I swear I have whiplash now!  They are sooooo pretty.  Ahhh, soooo pretty!

As expected, the Catacombs, the flea markets & Pere LaChaise cemetery were my favorite places (did I mention the men?)  
Right off of the plane, we went to the Porte de Vanves flea market.  I immediately found this old beautiful doll, I was worried about not being able to communicate with them, but even though the spoke almost no english, it worked out well, as long as they cold hold up their fingers & I could say "combien?"  we did just great!
I was warned that everything was terribly expensive, but I didn't find that at all.  At the markets, I mostly found things to be between 1 & 10 euros, which, if you ignore the exchange rate, it's not that bad.
Food was between 7 & 15 euros, which also wasn't bad, even though the food was the worst I've ever eaten anywhere!  I couldn't wait to come home & have a salad & tunafish! Everything was so rich & over the top & it all seemed to be served with cheese & french fries!  Granted, we didn't put a whole lot of effort into finding good places to eat, we just ran & ran & suddenly discovered that we needed food & went into the first place that we saw.  We also ate at the same pizza place by our hotel at least 4 times (who goes to Paris & eats pizza?!) I should have stopped at the second time, but I guess I was just too tired to care!

Anyway, our hotel was right by the Eiffel tower, so I would lay in bed every night & watch the tower twinkle...towertwinkletowertwinkeletowertwinkle, wee, that was fun!
The tower was lit w/ blue lights, but it would twinkle every hour with white twinkle lights.

Ok, enough for now, so much for being at a loss for words, huh?!


Raine K said...

Awesome pics - thanks for sharing!! Looks like you had an amazing time!

Laura said...


Thanks for the great descriptions of your Parisian adventures. Now, I want the doll!

What could be better than a Parisian flea market, except a hunky homme to haul your loot.

When I went to Amsterdam the clothes were fab, but the flea markets sucked. NO cute men, but gorgeous canals.

Keep sharing with us!

Bainbridge Island

Paula Scott said...

I never knew that it was lit in blue at night.
I also loved the perspective shots you took of the tower. Tres cool!

kathy mc said...

It is hard to put, experiencing Paris into words, but you did a terrific job. I'm loving your pictures. Did your gorgeous dolls make it home safely? Have you named them yet? I am still very proud of the both of us for finding the Ancient Paper Market. I could have spent all day there.
Yes, the men are are very handsome and very sophisticated. Loved those metro rides!
You photo's are fantastic.