Thursday, October 16, 2008

48 Hours 'til Paris!

I'm REALLY so excited now I can't even stand it! I've been sick ever since I got home from Portland, so my packing & prepping for this trip seemed to take forever.
But I think I'm just about ready to go & I just want to be there now! I'm a little bit nervous about the looong flight, 12 hours total, but I have drugs to knock me out, so it should be fine.
I've never been out of the country, so the anticipation is killing me, I've done all sorts of research & seen a zillion pictures, but I still can't even imagine what it will be like.
I'm bringing 2 cameras & 12 gigs of memory, so get ready, you'll be looking at Paris pictures for a really long time!
I'm slowly adjusting to Paris time, been going to bed an hour earlier every night & waking up in the middle of the night. Tonight I go to bed at 6 PM & wake up at 2 AM. I've never done this before, & I find it fascinating to be up in the middle of the night, it's so incredibly still & quiet. And I am able to get so much art done. I so hope this helps me adjust to the time difference, in Portland I was so exhausted & absolutely miserable, I will do whatever it takes for that not to happen in Paris.
And I got a fun new do for the trip....that's all for now, see you all when I get back!


sf said...

Ya look pretty. Have a truly AWEsome

Serena Barton said...

I enjoyed so much meeting you at Vendor Night in Portland. Have a fantastic time in Paris--I know you will!


kathy mc said...

Bonjour, here I am, it's 4:19 am. I am also waiting in anticipation for magnificent trip. Love your new hair do. See you soon.
Au revoir!

Cindy O'Leary said...

Hey girl! Love your new haircut; just in time to find a hottie in Paris to bring home with! Have an absolutely wonderful time--can't wait to hear all about it. xo cindy

HappyDayArt! said...

Yes Leighanna you do look excited and your hair looks mahvelous! It's Saturday night and I wish you a wonderful time wherever you are at this moment.


Deirdra Doan said...

Paris!!! Oh can't wait to see your photo's! I think I fed you Pizza at class Friday night at Art and Soul????
Please come say hi and leave a comment so I can find your blog again.

Ooh La La I love Paris. I am happy for you...