Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mama Want dem Euros!

On His Soap Box $325
Reach $225
Go $298

I will probably regret this, but after looking at the actual exchange rate (I knew it was high, but woo baby, I didn't realize it was THAT high) I've decided to sell off 3 of my favorite assemblages.
Please email me at if you are interested, or if you want more information.


alex s said...

Just found your site through Katie Kendrick. Fantastic work, and wise words.

Paris is so very worth it. I'd even consider selling my secret photo of Barak in a teddy for that trip! ;-)

Paula Scott said...

I can see why they are your favorites! I LOVE Go...recognizing glass from the Glass g=Graveyard. All so very neat!

Lost Aussie said...

Lovely to spend time with you at AnS! Hope you got home safe and sound.
big hugs

Ro Bruhn said...

Great works of art. Have a great time in Paris, you'll love it.